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Peter Thomson : Contains Air




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For over 30 years, Compass Gallery has set a precedent of visiting all the Scottish Degree shows. It is an opportunity for the gallery’s directors Cyril and Jill Gerber, to make contact with the young artists, and select then exhibit the most interesting and exciting works in the New Generation exhibition.

Compass Gallery is supported by Glasgow City Council

Current Exhibitions
9th October 2014 - 1st November 2014
Peter Thomson : Contains Air

Visiting Peter Thomson in his studio to discuss his paintings for this new exhibition, I am again struck by his skill and fertile imagination. Throughout his work Peter quietly explores his own deep feelings, thoughts and responses to a wide range of contemporary issues. Drawing inspiration from his own conscience and political ideologies, and reflecting on life events at home and his travels to the other side of the world, his paintings are often puzzling and intriguing. Conversation unravels the thought-provoking mysteries and enlightens understanding of his often deeply personal and poignant images. Peter's admiration of those 20th century artists who changed the way of painting, through their subject matter and their exploration of the possibilities of the materials they used, continue to inspire and inform his practice. This exhibition explores many subjects - the issues of risk taking, relationships, the environment, the games people play and the complications of male-female power struggles. Together with his desire to improve his skill and craftsmanship he speaks his mind with intensity and integrity. The images, some tender, some reflective, some playful, reflect his awareness and observations of the world around him. Peter Thomson's paintings are a journey into the creative mind of a truly thinking and imaginative artist.



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